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Introductory Meal Plan Package

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What you get:
  • A complete meal plan which is based on the right balance of food groups with emphasis on portion control.
  • A complete meal plan that is based on real food found in most supermarkets. No pre-packaged, special foods required.
  • A complete meal plan which allows you the flexibility to change out meals and snacks as often as you like.
  • You will NOT have to count calories or eliminate food groups. EVER.
  • All educational materials provided including the "Choose Your Foods" booklet, my book, "My Little Black Book For A Healthy Non-Diet Lifestyle", healthy options for dining out, healthy shopping lists, quick meal ideas and more.

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Introductory Meal Plan Package

Diets Don't Work!

If we put as much time and energy into our long-term weight management goals as we do into “quick-fix, fad diets” we would all be successful!

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