Extra Firm Tofu

Adding tofu to any meal plan is a quick, delicious way to add lean protein that also has many health benefits.  Consuming tofu regularly helps lower bad cholesterol, alleviates symptoms associated with menopause and can even lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Tofu, which is derived from soybeans, has been found to be a great source of calcium and vitamin E as well.  Isoflavones are compounds found in soy products, and they are known to exert direct and indirect antioxidant effects. Isoflavones can directly scavenge free radicals, thereby preventing premature aging.  The easiest way to prepare tofu is to cube it and pan saute' it using an olive olive or non-stick spray.  I like to season it with sea salt, course black pepper and onion powder.  It can be eaten alone or mixed in with roasted or stir fried vegetables.  It is also great with your favorite marinara sauce!  Now that you know all of the health benefits of tofu and how easy it is to prepare, what are you waiting for?  

Diets Don't Work!

If we put as much time and energy into our long-term weight management goals as we do into “quick-fix, fad diets” we would all be successful!

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